Why Go Solar

The real question is actually “Why NOT go solar?”

  • Investing in your own energy production creates energy-independence, can significantly reduce or eliminate monthly electric/fuel bills, and offers a great ROI (especially with thermal systems).
  • Convert a fixed operating expense (i.e. monthly utility costs) into a guaranteed investment. Energy consumption may be unavoidable, but paying ever increasing rates is a choice.
  • Capitalize on the 30% tax credit and accelerated depreciation program offered by the federal government (link to financing/incentives), as well as other rebates/incentives available from your state, county and utility company.
  • Utilize proven and effective technology to meet renewable-energy and energy-efficiency directives.
  • Hedge against future rate hikes from utility companies.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and enhance your organization’s image.

Let The Sun Work For You!

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