Site Analysis & Energy Audit

We will meet with you on-site to assess and identify how can benefit from a commercial solar panel system. Some of the things we consider and detail during the Site Analysis and Energy Audit Include:

-The suitability of the site for collecting solar energy.
-The ideal commercial solar system for your specific needs.
-Integration with existing water heating and electrical systems to maximize efficiency and savings while reducing installation costs.

Feasibility Studies

Need a detailed financial analysis to determine the economic viability of a proposed project? We understand that some large-scale projects have to meet specific financial performance criteria. Let us conduct a feasibility study using state-of-the-art computer models and Pro-forma statements for various scenarios to provide a detailed financial analysis of the economic viability of the proposed project. Know what your potential savings are before ground is broken on your commercial solar thermal system installation.

Design Build Solar Panel Systems

Solar thermal system design and engineering are critical in delivering the most efficient, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing solar energy systems. Our experience, expertise, and familiarity with the latest technology are used to address the many aspects of installation and integration with existing systems. We provide consultation, CAD services, and value-engineering to ensure maximum efficiency and cost-savings. We also work directly with the engineers of our manufacturing partners to ensure the solar panels we use to meet your project's specific requirements.

Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Only efficient project management coupled with qualified and experienced personnel can ensure that the best design translates into functionality and performance when solar panel system installation is complete. All projects are overseen by experts in solar panel design and installation, and most of our solar installers have backgrounds in mechanical, electrical, and building construction and receive training that meets OSHA and EM-385 requirements.

Solar Energy Data Monitoring

Want to know how much the sun is working for you? Whether it be a simple data-logging device that can be checked on-site or a monitoring system that provides real-time data from remote locations via the Internet - we can install a data monitoring device that monitors your commercial solar system's efficiency.

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