Site Analysis

The first step towards putting the sun to work for you is a site analysis. We visit your home to determine the suitability of your specific location and how you can best capitalize on the available solar energy given your budget and site-specific characteristics and requirements. Best of all, our site analysis is free.

Solar Water Heating Systems

We install residential solar panel systems that are reliable, maintenance-free and designed to last for 25 years or more. Solar water heaters are more economical over the life of the system than heating water with electricity, fuel oil or propane gas. Our residential solar panel systems typically pay for themselves in 2-5 years.

Solar Pool Heating Systems

Extend your swimming season and say good-bye to the high costs of heating your pool by installing a solar pool heating system. For pools in the North Florida area, a properly sized solar pool heating system will provide temperatures above 80 degrees for at least 250 days out of the year.

Photovoltaic Systems
(to generate electricity)

We provide PV system design and install grid-tied and stand-alone systems for almost any application. Either type of PV system design is scaled to meet your specific needs and expanded to include a battery back-up system and data monitoring devices.

Repair & Maintenance

Waving problems with an existing solar hot water, pool heating, or PV system? We can repair or replace individual components to get your residential solar system running optimally again. We also offer maintenance of installed residential solar panel systems that ensures your system is running efficiently and reduces costly repairs.

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