Florida Solar Services specializes in large-scale solar thermal and photovoltaic systems designed to offer maximum energy savings and long service life for a variety of applications in the commercial, government, and institutional sectors. Florida Solar Services offers a comprehensive range of commercial solar services that enable you to rely on a single partner at every stage of the design-build process, from the initial site analysis to monitoring the energy production of your custom solar panel system. By taking this holistic approach, we reduce the amount of time and energy our customers spend managing each step of the process, ensuring we deliver the most cost-effective, efficient commercial solar panel systems.

Our services include:

-Site Analysis
-Energy Audits
-Feasibility Studies
-Design-Build Custom Solar Thermal Systems
-Commercial Solar Installation
-Solar Panel Performance and Efficiency Data Monitoring

Wherever the project, our commercial solar panel installers will be there to get the job done on time.

Whether it is a solar thermal system for a hotel in Central America or a renewable energy solution with a turnkey PV system for the National Park Service, we have the logistics and team of commercial solar panel installers to ensure quick mobilization and timely completion of the job regardless of geographical location. We have installed some of the largest solar thermal systems in the United States, and are currently developing projects in other countries. All inquiries are welcome - whether in the Sunshine State or on the other side of the world - give us a call at
(904) 827-9770 or complete the form to let us get the sun to work for you.

Looking for even more ways commercial solar systems can save you money? Do you know that the Federal Government currently offers a 26% tax credit for commercial solar energy systems? Contact us to learn more about commercial solar incentives and financing.

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